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Microsoft® Exchange

More and more companies rely on email for their mission-critical communication. As the demand for and use of email increases, user expectations are also increasing. People expect rich, efficient and secure access to email, calendars, attachments, contacts and more – regardless of location or type of device being used. Satisfying these requirements is beyond the scope of basic email systems so companies of all sizes are evaluating Enterprise-class solutions, only to discover that the technology is complex, the cost is high and the risks are numerous. That is why more and more companies are turning to InspectraGuard for their messaging and collaboration needs.

Microsoft® Exchange Hosting Services

Our customers enjoy all the benefits and features of an enterprise-class email, without any of the risks of managing an in house system. Our Security Experts manage the hardware, software, upgrade/patch management for Exchange and the adjacent services in our four fully-redundant data centers. You control your user mailboxes, permissions, storage allocations and service selections. Your email will be fast, reliable and secure, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of the email infrastructure needed to support it.

The Problem Overview

Large Capital Outlay – In-house email hosting solutions require large initial capital outlay and a dedicated staff to implement, upgrade and maintain
Extensive Maintenance –   In-house solutions require extensive maintenance to remain properly functioning with the appropriate amount of up-time
Complexity –  Enterprise-class solutions are too complex, too costly and too risky to implement for small and medium sized businesses
Wireless Mobility – Mobility is becoming a necessary business function but it isn’t cost effective to have a dedicated solution for a small number of users on an in-house email solution email solution


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A New Level Of Support
MIS defines itself as a service oriented company. Therefore, our technical service offerings are highly integrated with sales support. Technical support is provided through MIS' in-house technical staff. With over twenty years of experience supporting the requirements of major organizations, MIS has the knowledge to identify conflicts before hardware or software is recommended. MIS also provides on-line technical support to assure that the highest level of service is offered.
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MIS Computer's success is due not only from our staff but most importantly from you, our customers. We have grown into the company we are today because of your loyalty and trust. We understand our growth depends solely on your satisfaction. We will continue to be there for you long after the sale for years to come. We appreciate your business.

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