Network Security

Network Software Made Simpler
Because your business relies on computers, email and staying connected to the network to get things done, ask yourself these questions.

Are you tired of deleting spam emails from your inbox?
Do you worry that spyware and zombies may infect the network through employee surfing and file sharing?
Are employees slowing the network with music and video downloads, and spending too much time on MySpace and other social networking sites?
Do you need secure access to the office network from home or a hotel?
Do you wish you had more control?

Now there is a better way to manage your network that is comprehensive, easy to use and cost effective. InspectraGuard delivers an on-demand suite of applications that will change the way you think about network software.

InspectraGuard lets you:

Control your network activities that reduce productivity such as spam and recreational web surfing;
Provides anytime anywhere access for remote employees;
Protect your computers and data from outside threats such as viruses, spyware, and phishing.

InspectraGuard gives you a reliable network and peace of mind.

Designed for Business
InspectraGuard was designed for companies with a small or part-time IT staff. All the applications are integrated, so you never have to worry that adding a new capacity will take down the network. Unlike other solutions that can slow your network, InspectraGuard ensures high performance with a patent-pending technology that shares network traffic across all software services. InspectraGuard reports gives you visibility into who is doing what on the network, and the graphical interface makes it easy to adjust settings to support your network policies.

Ease of Deployment and Implementation

The InspectraGuard Platform runs on a single server that sits at the front of your network. Once attached, you can choose over a dozen on-demand security software applications in a matter of minutes. Now sit back and relax, InspectraGuard manages all updates, such as the web content control database, lists of known spammers, and virus definitions. InspectraGuard Reports lets you see who is doing what on your network. For many of our customers, this is the first time they have had visibility into their network and the start of developing a practical network usage policy.

Built for the Future
InspectraGuard is a software platform. As new applications are released, you can activate them on your server. InspectraGuard protects your investment and keeps you up-to-date with the latest innovations in network technologies.

Deployment Options
InspectraGuard software can be installed on any Intel compatible server (check InspectraGuard Prepared Servers datasheet for minimum system requirements.) For your convenience, we also offer a selection of servers that come preloaded – just plug and play.


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